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A special message for CalPERS members by Theresa Frei, C.O.O of Sutter Medical Foundation

Sutter Health is Back as an HMO Provider. Choose UnitedHealthcare or Anthem Blue Cross

Welcome to Sutter Medical Foundation! We have designed this website especially for CalPERS members. This site will provide you health tools and information to help you stay healthy. Learn more about our programs such as weight management, smoking cessation and more.

As always, we're here to answer any questions and to help you find the doctor that's right for you.

All of us in the Sutter family look forward to building a healthy partnership with you and your family.

July is National Juvenile Arthritis Month

Monthly FeatureWhen two year old Macy lost interest walking, her mom assumed it was a phase but became concerned when Macy began to limp and her knees swelled. Read Macy’s incredible story about growing up with Juvenile Arthritis.

Your Farmers Market Guide

Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the U.S. causing one quarter of all deaths. In addition to following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, we recommend the following heart-healthy tips.


Some of our recent acknowledgements

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The Skinny of Artificial Sweeteners
There are a number of artificial sweeteners that are on the market now- some have been controversial because of safety concerns; here's the low-down.

Nutrition and Activity Quiz
Want to know if you’re living smart? Take this quiz provided by the American Cancer Society.

Get to know board-certified, family medicine physician, Kismet Roberts, M.D. Discover why she became a doctor and enjoys working for a Sutter Health.

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