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    Summer Water SafetyAccording to the American Academy of Pediatrics, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children and adolescents.
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    Is Your Child Ready with Proper Immunizations this School Year?It's never too early to start preparing for your child's next school year, including class schedules, teachers, supplies, and immunizations.
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    Back to School Anxiety in Children

    As summer comes to an end and children head back to school for the fall, anxiety levels are on the rise.

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    Helping Children Cope with Suicide Loss

    For many adults, suicide can be very upsetting and frightening. If you find yourself having to explain suicide to a child, you may be wondering about the best way to do it.

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    Its important to know what your child is doing on the computer and what websites they are visiting. While more of a spotlight has been on the dangers of bullying, parents may still have questions on how to support their child.

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    Dog Bite Prevention

    Roughly 4.5 million dog bite injuries occur each year according to the Centers for Disease Control. About one in five of those injuries require medical attention, impacting roughly 885,000 patients.

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    Your Childs Summer Health

    School is out and students are beginning their long-awaited summer break that will include a variety of activities such as camp, swimming, and family vacations.

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    Pediatric Tonsil, Adenoid & Ear Health

    Dr. Cohen answers some frequently asked questions about pediatric tonsil, adenoid and ear health.

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    Pertussis Epidemic in California?

    There has been a lot of information in the news lately about pertussis, also known as whooping cough. According to the California Department of Public Health, the recent outbreaks and deaths have become an epidemic.

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    Backpack Safety

    For many families, preparation for the new school year means a shopping trip for new clothes, lunch box and backpack.

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    Avoiding Children's Sports Injuries

    Nearly any type of physical activity involves some risks, but injury rates are highest in high-impact sports.

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    Nasal Spray Flu VaccineThe flu season begins around September/October each fall and continues on until April or May the following year. It is difficult to predict whether the flu season will come early or late each year, so we recommend vaccinating your child as early into the flu season as possible.
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    Picky Eaters

    We have all heard that word --- YUCK! --- followed by "I'm not going to eat that!"

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    Going Organic

    Before a grower can use the organic label, a government inspector goes to the farm to make sure that the rules are being followed.

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    Potty Training

    Potty training is a big developmental step for children, and every child shows readiness at a different age.  So how do you know when it’s time to buy a potty chair?

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    Preventing Dehydration

    From riding bikes, to playing soccer or spending the day swimming, every child enjoys being outside during the summer. And, unlike adults, kids don't often complain about the heat.

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    The Benefits of Breakfast!

    Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet many people, including children, skip this meal on a regular basis.

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    Coping and Managing Grief During the Holidays

    The upcoming holiday season can be a challenging and difficult time for grieving children and their families.

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    Making Safety a Priority this Holiday Season

    Let’s face it: you have so much to do during the holiday season, it’s easy to let some things fall through the cracks – just be sure that safety isn’t one of them.

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    Colds and Allergies

    Often parents have a hard time knowing if their child has a cold or is suffering from seasonal allergies due to the similar symptoms. Can you tell the difference?

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    Facts about Respiratory Syncytial Virus

    Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages and is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children.

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    Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Winter

    Learn a few ways on how to better prepare your child for the winter and flu season.

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    Sugar and Halloween

    Not all sugar is bad for you. Healthful fruits and some vegetables contain natural, unrefined sugar.

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    Welcome to a nightmare:  a frightening dream from which the toddler or child can be readily roused and which he may or may not remember having. 

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    Whooping Cough

    Whooping cough (also called pertussis) causes coughing fits that make it hard to breathe.

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    Turn Off the Television

    Moderation in all things helps to enhance our health, and this includes limiting the time we spend as couch potatoes.

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    Family Health and Fitness for All Seasons

    Sutter Urgent Care, Auburn physician, Dr. Robert Bixler, provides 10 activities you can do with your family throughout the year.

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    Food Allergies

    Food allergies are on the rise and in some cases can have serious consequences.

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